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My Sports History

I am not an expert in any ball games. I will roll the ball into the drain, I will smash the ball onto the net, I will kick the ball out of the pitch. I can only fish the ball into my mouth.

I do not pick up any kind of sports when I was a teenager. Be it swimming, running, cycling or weight-lifting. I do them as only when I like, mostly for leisure, without any coaching.

The 2004 SCMS 10km race was the first event that I signed up myself. It was just a "join in the carnival" when I ran at that time. After which, I signed up as a member with True Fitness, under the gym instructor Mohd Hafiz after sometimes. My motive was also very simple then -- to gain some strength to give my mother a lift when she gets older. I would jog on the treadmill, do presses with weights, and stretch my muscles like a spiderman crawling on the floor.

But somehow my mother "rejected" my goodwill in 2009.

I continued my gym routine, from Raffles Place Chevron House to Suntec City Tower 5. My aim was to keep fit and never to get sick easily, so that I need not trouble anyone to look after me, a single then, when I get old.

But the cost of keeping fit was getting higher and higher as a gym member. I have come to a point to "borrow" money if I want to continue to use the gym.

That's where the turning point in 2011 came about. I was introduced to a running school called Mileage in August 2011. My motive was to get myself proper running instructions to run a marathon well. And it worked. I did my first 42km marathon in 2010, with a time of more than 5 hours, and I did achieve a 40 mins improvement in 2011!

I stopped my gym trainings from then on. I continue to run in races, before and after my wedding. I run on grass, I run on roads, I run on sands, I just keep on running.

It comes to a point this year when I ask myself: What am I running for? Why do I take running as a sport? These questions came into my mind after I completed my 6th marathon in Hong Kong recently. When I look at the run medals that I took part in past races, I would feel that I may be satisfied with what I have achieved all these years. I will continue to run, but my motive of running may be changing.

Maybe I will pick up another sport? Maybe I will just take running as a leisure? Maybe I should set my target higher, push my trainings harder? Time will tell. My age will tell. My body will tell...